An Advertising Agency on a mission to
Demystify Marketing and Advertising

Clear out the smoke. Pack up the mirrors.

Advertising isn’t sleight of hand. Business isn’t built on a bait and switch. Consumers are looking for your product or service today. Finding them starts with understanding them. Working with Atreyu+Bastion means you partnered with an advertising agency that delivers a unique understanding of your consumer.

Consumer Fluency

You know your business language.
Translating it into something your
client understands is where marketing and advertising become practical magic.


CPMs, CPPs, CTRs, Indices, and many other metrics seem like hocus pocus when misrepresented. Used properly, these metrics are valuable guideposts in evaluating efficiency.

Business Benchmarks

Growth and retention. Our strategy is influenced by these important business goals. Tangible achievement in these areas is what dictates our success. No more wondering if a campaign worked. The revenue tells the story.

Featured Services

  • Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Brand Development

We like to get our hands on everything.

That includes being a part of the process with existing partners. All of the elements of your marketing and advertising create your brand ecosystem. Each element thriving off of the other. All partners working in sync serve to enhance the consistency in all elements. Eliminating messaging silos is a contributor to demystifying marketing and advertising.

Atreyu+Bastion clients can count on comprehensive conversations about every stage of the purchase funnel regardless of where the project is produced.

Meet the person behind Atreyu+Bastion

Nice to meet you. I’m Erin. I appreciate you spending time on my advertising agency website.

I am a marketing and advertising superfan. My love for the industry has never waned for over 20 years. Every little detail fascinates me. Ironically, my interest in each aspect derailed the crafting of this glimpse into me and my approach to the business.

This situation is similar to what many clients experience when communicating the essence of what they do. I caught myself focusing too much on my perspective from the inside. Like my clients,  I chose to seek out support from professionals with an external point of view. A view that highlights how my obsession with every nook and cranny impacts the growth of their business or organization.


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