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Atrey… Who?

Atreyu+Bastion. That is the name that I gave my Advertising Agency. As many people know, naming a business is not for the timid. It’s like picking a starting lineup. All eyes are on it and your success feels tied up within. Once you’ve finally made the fated decision, you are presented with the inquiries and occasional head tilts from those too shy to ask, “How did you come up with that?”

I don’t know what message took me down this particular path of brainstorming. However, I am confident that TikTok was the delivery system of the unknown message. I feel it important to note that I’m not on The NeverEnding Story TikTok. This video about a favorite childhood movie was a fluke. Regardless of how random the inspiration, I let my brain run with it.

It was easy to use a movie about a magical land as my inspirational jumping point. Movies and TV shows about magic are some of my favorites. I’ve watched every season of Charmed too many times to mention. I don’t care how bad it is, you can’t convince me that Practical Magic isn’t one hundred percent entertaining from start to finish. Once I was fully committed to my spark of an idea, I set out to put a little more meaning behind it.

I researched the definition of the name Atreyu. Search results were sparse, but there was one site that delivered an in-depth analysis. The definition provided was rich with the following entries; bold guardian, one who does the unexpected, one who begins projects with eyes wide open and one who shares their knowledge with others. While it may be more of a definition of the character from the movie than the name itself, the value of imbuing an ad agency with these attributes is a meaningful venture.

Sebastian, or Bastian, is another character from the movie. The definition of that name didn’t strike me as meaningful or interesting. Not to mention, using that name may have teetered towards predictable. Staying true to the tenant of being one who does the unexpected, I chose the word bastion. A bastion is a place, person or institution that strongly upholds certain principals, attitudes or activities.

Atreyu+Bastion is a name that makes me smile. The meaning behind the name is something I intend to live up to with my clients everyday. The added bonus is that it always sparks a conversation.

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